Monday, March 21, 2011


There are moments you just know things.  Like when you know something is right or when something is wrong.  There are moments you see things clearly and it all makes sense and you don't have to fight the blur of distraction of life. There are moments when you can see a bigger picture, unhindered by the tunnel-vision of the task-driven day-to-day routine.  There are moments, when the clouds break, you stop and see things, realize things and bask in a simple reality, even if ever so briefly.

Today as the sun broke through several days of rain and gloom to shine some light on the beauty being born beneath the darkness of the clouds, today became a day of clarity, of stepping back and seeing a bigger picture, of seeing the beauty and renewal of the heavy rains and dark clouds.  And it was a beautiful and calmly serene day.  The hills are brilliantly emerald green, dotted with little orange poppies and yellow mustard flowers.  The trees are blooming their flowers before their leaves come.  The creeks sing their songs of abundant flow in the rush of their waters.  The bluebirds sing and and hop from branch to branch.  It seems we all celebrated the sun today and rejoiced the secret work of the rain in the darkness.  An allegory for Life?  I think so.

My friend Angie and I ran to her car from my place in torrential rain and even freezing rain, thinking, "So, our 'girls' day out' may be a very sloppy and wet one!"  By the time we got to Saratoga, about 20 minutes later, the clouds had parted, the sun broke through and warmed our faces, and brought to life the beauty around us.  An Italian lunch in charming Saratoga, a breathtaking 10 minute drive up through the mossy green forest to overlook vineyards and green Silicon Valley at Paul Masson Winery. We then headed down and up the road to Savannah Chanelle Winery, to taste a delightful flight, buy some Syrah Port, and take a short walk down the road on the property to the Redwood Grove with a sweet, full, and happy creek with the sun filtering down through the leaves.  What a fun and peaceful getaway from the bustle of 3 million people Bay Area, only 20 minutes from our houses!

Clarity and simplicity struck me again today as we took in the day.  This is a beautiful place with majesty all around: Redwoods stand towering over us in their millenia of years of wisdom; the creeks rush and rejoice with the rains; the graceful green hills surround on three sides, inviting a peaceful hike; over "the hill," or the Santa Cruz Mountains, the sea pounds the shore, rocks and cliffs with awe-inspiring power.  Life was clear and simple to me today: the Lord has brought me here. He gives me delight in His creation here.  I can't seem to get enough of His beauty here.  And, the times of work, busy-ness, politics, distraction and noise, fade away as I remember the Ultimate Simplicity of Truth.  He is there. I am here.  And through the clouds and seemingly endless wind, rain and chaos, new life is being nurtured and born for glory and to bear new fruit. Years past and the path He has led me on thus far makes sense today.  God is good.

Hope you are all well where you are!  Love and miss you!

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  1. Awesome words and pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are truly gifted.